Welcome To altScripts Specialty Pharmacy

Established in 2015, altScripts Specialty Pharmacy offers a patient-centered care model, providing specialty services to patients and health care providers, to simplify complex medication therapies, enabling optimal results and ensuring patients receive quality, timely care. As patient advocates, we take a personal approach to provide optimal therapy and affordable solutions to what is otherwise considered high cost treatment.

Contact Info and Details:

We are located at 1636 Miller Park Way, West Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53214-3604.

We are open Monday through Friday, 9AM-5PM, CST.






altScripts Pharmacy Team

Alyssa Piccolo

Pharmacy Technician

Angelo Jones, PharmD, BCPS

Director of Pharmacy

Caleb Rosenbalm, PharmD


Emilio Prado

Pharmacy Technician

Genaro Morales Sanchez

Pharmacy Technician

Jackie Hamberger

Pharmacy Technician

James Sinnen

Pharmacy Technician

Janna Sprecher

Pharmacy Technician

Joel Lopez

Prior Authorization Supervisor

Paul Rosman, PharmD


Renee Johnson, PharmD

Pharmacy Resident

Sara Viktora

Project Manager

Tu Luu

Pharmacy Technician