The altScripts Specialty Pharmacy team offers a patient-centered care model, providing specialty services to patients and health care providers to simplify complex medication therapies. As patient advocates, we take a personal approach to provide optimal therapy and affordable solutions.



Our team of experienced pharmacists is dedicated to deliver comprehensive care for complex therapies at the level that patients and physicians deserve. Our team stays well informed of medical breakthroughs to ensure the highest quality of treatment for all patients.

altScripts Specialty Programs & Services

  • Patient disease and medication education
  • Acute and chronic disease therapy management
  • Face to face pharmacist consultative services
  • Easy patient referral and prescription ordering process
  • Refill reminders
  • Delivery
  • Insurance coverage and benefit coordination
  • Financial assistance



We offer fast, discreet delivery of your medications if you are unable to pick-up your prescription at the pharmacy. Just ask!

Insurance Coverage and Patient Financial Assistance


We work with your insurance company to apply your benefits, reducing the cost of your medication. Costly medications can be a major financial burden. If you can’t afford the cost of your medication, even with drug coverage from your insurance company, we can find out if you qualify for financial assistance programs. We will assist you in filling out any paperwork and applications and help you enroll in these programs. 

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